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CÓD: 604R3E

It is the lowest roof air cooler on the market, designed to reduce aerodynamic drag.

A product of high technology, performance and design, which combines modernity and efficiency. Able to provide maximum comfort to road workers, it is considered the best roof air cooler on the market.

Dimensions (H x W x D) 97 x 844 x 639 mm
Product Weight (Approx.) 12 Kg
13.9 kg Complete *
(*) Including Water Tank Of 18 Lts
Average Water Consumption 500 To 1500 ml / h Depending On Humidity And External Temperature
Capacity / Autonomy 18 Liters Water Tank: Autonomy From 8 To 22 Hours
26 Liters Cylindrical Water Tank: Autonomy From 15 To 42 Hours
Tension 12 or 24 VDC
Maximum Nominal Current 12V - 10 A/h
24V - 8 A/h
Fan Speed 4000 rpm
Maximum Air Flow 400 m³/h
Insulation Class 1Ω

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