Resfri Ar has an integrated Management System which is based on production with quality, care for the environment and for the health and safety of the employees. Because of that and to keep these principles, the company has reached certifications that guarantee an excellent working environment, ecofriendly, sustainable enterprise and committed to the quality of products offered.

Resfri Ar is the only company in Brazil in the roof air coolers segment IAFT 16949 certified. This certification refers to a globally recognized standard of quality management system applied to the organizations part of the automotive supply chain.

In addition, Resfri Ar also has ISO 14001, achieved in 2012 and ISO 9001, in 2002.

Quality Policy and Environment

Resfri Ar Climatizadores e Equipamentos Ltda. is committed to keeping its human resources satisfied and motivated through a good working environment, stimulate commitment and continuously improve the standard of its products, services and quality management system, maintain a partnership with suppliers, respecting and protecting the environment, identifying and preventing environmental impacts, reducing residue generation and pollution, complying with applicable legislation and requirements, aiming to its customers, employees, suppliers and other interested parties satisfaction.

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